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By | October 25, 2016

As a travel agent, education is paramount to providing your customers with top of the line service. Travelers come to you because they know you are an expert.  They don’t need in-depth knowledge of a location, but you do. Many hotels, tour operators, and 3rd party websites offer training for new and even advanced travel agents. The travel agent training can come in a variety of forms from the classroom to online videos and from paid to free. Many suppliers will offer free education and the opportunity to visit the property for free or discounted rates so that you get first-hand understanding of the property.

We like to break travel education into buckets. On the high end is college programs. We aren’t a huge fan of these. We believe that travel training can be done on the fly, through smaller online programs or within a travel agency. Many hotel or supplier educational programs are combined with loyalty or rewards points for bookings to receive free stays and tickets. Below are some of the certificate programs available online. As always, getting first-hand experience through fam trips is the best education!

Here are some of the programs available. If you offer an educational program not listed, please contact us and we will add it

Travel Agent Hotel Training

Travel Agent Attraction Training

Travel Agent Location Training

  • Florida Keys – – It would be really nice if you got a Key Lime Pie for completing this one 🙂
  • San Diego –
  • Vancouver –
  • Florida –

Travel Agent Sales Training

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