Monthly Archives: October 2016

Travel Agent Education

As a travel agent, education is paramount to providing your customers with top of the line service. Travelers come to you because they know you are an expert.  They don’t need in-depth knowledge of a location, but you do. Many hotels, tour operators, and 3rd party websites offer training for new and even advanced travel… Read More »

Travel Agent Commissions – Generate More Revenue!

There are several ways that travel agents get paid but most importantly travel agent commissions. Another popular way for travel agents to get paid includes fee-based charging. Fee-based charging insures that the travel agent is not incentivized by the biggest commission as opposed to the best accommodations for their client. On the other hand, often suppliers… Read More »

Egypt Fam Trips from Tour Specialists

Tour Specialists Inc. of Florida recently announced Fam Trips to Egypt.  Tours Specialists is a leading small deluxe tour operator. Most of their business is repeat business from travel agents all over the United States and Canada. Celebrating 53 years in business. Travel agent fam trip rates range from $1,500 during the low season with spouse/companion… Read More »