Caribbean MICE Travel (Corporate Travel Guide)

By | August 13, 2016

Caribbean MICE travel offers a world of opportunities for both large scale conferences and small luxurious one of a kind business meetings. Whether you are planning an incentive meeting, a board meeting, a trade show or a conference there are more than 700 islands which make up the Caribbean and one which will help you achieve your goals. If you are trying to decide between planning a business event in Cancun vs planning an event in the Carribean, the Caribbean offers more opportunities for custom or luxury travel whereas Cancun offers more opportunities for large-scale gatherings. This is not to say you can’t plan a large event to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico offers one of the largest conference centers in the region. Below are some considerations for planning your next event in Caribbean.

Arriving in the Caribbean

If you are planning a large meeting or conference the 5 largest airports are Puerto Rico (San Juan), Dominican Republic (Punta Cana), Cuba (Havan), Jamaica (Montego Bay), Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). If you are planning a conference look at where the majority of your clients will be coming from and determine if there are direct flights. Nothing will get your conference off to a better step than simple easy travel for your guests.

Time Off

If you are planning a corporate trip to the Caribbean odds are that you are hoping your corporate travelers are able to get some rest and relaxation along with the business tasks at hand. For high-end business travelers, the Caribbean offers a wealth of time-off activities. Why not island-hop on a chartered sail boat? Horizon Charter offers this type of service. Other types of popular activities in the Caribbean include snorkeling, rum tours and tasting (Mount Gay, Bacardi), golf (Atlantis), swimming with dolphins, casinos (Atlantis).

If you think that your business travelers might like to spend some of their free time shopping, consider researching the local shopping. For instance, Puerto Rico recently built a world class mall to attract sophisticated and international tastes.

Corporate Trip Planning

The Caribbean is the perfect spot for company trips whether it be a corporate retreat, a board meeting, an incentive trip or other types of meetings. It allows your corporate travelers to open up their minds in a comfortable setting and will allow them to come back to work refreshed. Incentive Magazine lists the Caribbean as one of the top locations to take an incentive trip and it’s easy to see why. Whether you are looking for professional, corporate, laid back, natural or luxurious there are hundreds of islands which can accomodate your desire. Planning an incentive trip to the Caribbean will allow your employees a goal or target that they can really work for.

board executive retreat mansion

Luxury Board or Executive Retreat

If you are planning a retreat for a small group of modern high powered executives, take a look at the Chic Mansion. It is a mansion housed within the Chic all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. This will give your executives all of the benefits of an all-inclusive resort but all of the privacy needed to get work done and strengthen relationships.

Find additional details here –

Best Corporate Caribbean Hotels

There are thousands of hotels in the Caribbean and it will always come down to personal preference. Here are some our favorite hotels for corporate travel in the Caribbean and meetings.

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino — Puerto Rico – This would be one of our top picks. If you are looking for the typical “c” level corporate travel experience, Sheraton offers their well-known level of service but in an exotic location. They know how to cater to conference and meetings as it is next to the Puerto Rico conference center which has 600,000 feet of conference space. The Sheraton Puerto Rico offers 35,000 square feet of conference space.

Caribbean Corporate TravelHard Rock Hotel Punta Cana – Hard Rock Hotel isn’t typically the first brand I think of when planning corporate events, but this space has much more than T-Shirts 🙂 From All Inclusive dining to golf and almost 65,000 square feet of meeting space make this a great hotel for corporate travel. This is enough space to host up to 4,000 corporate travelers for your next big event.

Find additional information about the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana here

Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman — Cayman Islands Good for smaller, luxury retreats, meetings, and incentive trips.

Atlantis. Golf, Casino and a lot of meeting space. Each year Atlantis hosts the battle for Atlantis basketball tournament if that serves as any indication of how much room is available for a conference (over 50,000 square feet)

This is our first attempt at making simple planning guides for corporate travel. It’s not meant to help you plan an entire corporate event to the Caribbean but to be a good start for what to think about. If you have corporate travel tips for the Caribbean by all means reach out and we will include the information ( Our end goal is to help people travel more and better.

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