Cancun MICE Travel (Corporate Planning Guide)

By | June 1, 2016

You might ask, what does MICE stand for? In the corporate travel world, MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events. While meetings, conferences, and events is pretty self-explanatory, I actually had to look up incentives. Corporate incentive trips are trips that are planned as an incentive for employees. For instance, you might have an incentive trip for the top earning sales employees. Incentive trips are often a mixture of pleasure and team building. They are meant as a reward and as such aren’t too business intensive but each company has their own approach to these. Cancun is a global destination for MICE travel, below are three of the top corporate event spaces.

As we all know, dealing with a capable CVB (convention and visitors bureau team) can make a huge difference in making sure your corporate trip goes smoothly. As of March 2016, Cancun has a new meetings and industry director to help educate you on CANCUN MICE offerings. From the  press release:

The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau has announced the appointment of Rocío González Jonguitud to the position of Meetings Industry Director. She has been working at the tourist board for six years and brings with her a wealth of conferences and exhibitions experience. Based in Cancun she will be working with partners and around the globe to promote Cancun’s world-class MICE offering.

Why Cancun MICE Travel

One great thing about Cancun MICE travel is that your corporate travelers will have plenty of options for entertainment outside of the company meetings. From golf to shopping to restaurants to nightlife to snorkeling or just laying on the beach there are a wealth of options for families or professionals alike. Like many alternative MICE trip locations Cancun offers nice weather but most locations are not so perfectly suited for large crowds, modern amenities and luxurious properties at affordable rates.

The Cancun hotel and entertainment district also offers a variety of public transportation options such as buses, taxis, and shuttles. Cancun is a short ride from an international airport (15-20 minutes) which is really nice compared to alternative Mexico and Caribbean options.

At Familiarization Trips, we don’t have any fam trips to offer at this time, but stay tuned or make your own educational trip out of the following locations.

Team Building in Cancun

Cancun offers a host of onsite and offsite team building opportunities for your next corporate retreat. From your typical Cancun excursions like snorkeling, scuba diving, ATVs, and island ferries to one of a kind experiences that you don’t get anywhere else like Xcaret nature park where you can swim with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays. There are also several groups with trained professionals to help with your team building exercises and communication building activities.

Besides the normal types of excursions, voluntourism is a great idea for corporate team building. Travelfuture offers half to full day altruistic activities for corporate, convention and group travelers to help the local Cancun community. Each activity takes place with a nonprofit organization in an organized team building activity that is both fun and benefits the nonprofit organization. A portion of Travelfuture’s proceeds are shared with the organization it works with.

  • Making Piñatas with Intellectually Disadvantaged Youth – This activity brings groups together to learn how piñatas are made, and then work with the young adults in one stage of the piñata making process.
  • Entertainment Night with Seniors – The activities take place in a local residence managed by nuns. Participants dance, sing, play board games, talk and share individual talents with these seniors.
  • The Mayan Village Experience – Work on projects with the Mayan community. From health, education or environmental needs, customizable projects tackle a specific community task including garden maintenance, painting, cleanup of historic sites, traditional Mayan cooking of tamales, etc.
  • Sea Turtle Hatchling Release – Supports the maintenance of a healthy habitat for turtle migration and provides 24/7 patrols and security during the nesting and hatching phase of turtle migration. Seasonal: September – October.
  • Reforestation of Local Flora – Groups plant seeds in a nursery, which are then transported to schools for planting. Participants help in one of several ways: planting, watering, weeding, preparing soil bags, clipping plants, etc.

Cancun Incentive Travel

Do you know what motivates your employees during those cold winter months and difficult sales cycles, why don’t you plan an incentive trip to Cancun and find out? Dreaming about taking the family on a hard-earned company incentive trip to the warm and beautiful beaches of Cancun would motivate me for sure. Plan an incentive travel program trip to Cancun that will stimulate performance within your organization and honor your top achievers. Cancun has a wide variety of hotels to offer both affordable incentive trips or high luxury incentive trips depending on your budget.

Planning an all-inclusive incentive trip to Cancun will enable you as a planner to lay-off some of the finer details  such as meals and entertainment. But don’t completely step out of the process. Incentive trips can be a valuable time for your employees to build relationships within the organization and to educate themselves for improved company participation.

Corporate Retreat in Cancun

Cancun is one of the premier destinations for running a successful corporate retreat. Many of the top hotels in Cancun are all-inclusive which means that your executives don’t need to worry about the time associated with planning out meals and the travel away from the hotel and back. Allow your corporate event attendees the time to immerse themselves in your retreat and figure out ways to make sure that your attendees use time out of the office to build stronger bonds. As with any travel event, we urge planners to know their goal in advance.

Corporate retreats aren’t all about relaxing. Think of the attributes of Cancun and how it can cater to bringing your company closer together. Are you able to use beaches, golf courses, on-site restaurants, on-site meeting facilities, off-site planners or destinations? What about shopping? Tulum has many great yoga retreat spots for mind and body wellness.“In Tulum, luxury and earthiness coexist, but the coin of the realm is spirituality.” Travel + Leisure 2012. There are some great malls in the Cancun area as well as some new malls in Playa Del Carmen off of the popular 5th avenue promenade. As a quick tip to all of the husband business travelers out there,

In addition to excursions there are some great malls in the Cancun area as well as some new malls in Playa Del Carmen off of the popular 5th avenue promenade. Having shopping near by gives your corporate retreat guests some of the conveniences of home but the tropical beauty of Cancun. As a quick tip to all of the husband business travelers out there, Zara at La Isla Mall is a great spot to get your wife or kids something nice, affordable, regional and that doesn’t look like a corona ad.

Start planning your corporate retreat in Cancun today!

Cancun Event Space

Cancun International Conference Center

Now that we have explained what a MICE trip is, let’s get into some of the top Cancun event spaces for your next MICE trip. If your a large corporate event planner (conferences, international events), the biggest space you can get in Cancun is the Cancun International Conference Center. With over 7018.00 m2 of space available for conferences and conventions and 13 meeting rooms, divisible into 37 rooms for simultaneous sessions this location is the perfect large convention setting. This conference center facilitates over 500 conferences per year. It is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation which is scheduled to finish this year.

Additional amenities include

  • Operable walls enable rooms to be easily re-configured for your unique event.
  • Column-free salons.
  • Adjustable and programmable lighting system.
  • Spaces for exhibitions with marble floor.
  • Press conference room.
  • VIP hall with lobby, private room and bathroom.
  • Facilities for people with special needs throughout the building.
  • Two loading and unloading lifts with an individual capacity of 2 tons, which dimensions are 6.00 m deep x 2.50 m wide and 2.10 high.
  • Air conditioning in all facilities.
  • Paging system integrated.
  • Fire alarm protection system.
  • Anchor hanging materials with capacity of 250 lb each one.
  • Dynamic load on the exhibition floor downstairs 2 tons per m2, and at higher floors of 400 kg. per m2.
  • Analog lines commuted.
  • T1 lines for voice and data transmission.
  • Wi-Fi mobile prodigy in all facilities.

Iberostar Cancun

The second largest event and conference meeting space in Cancun is at the Iberostar Cancun. The convention space has a different name, it goes by Peninsula Conference Center. Composed of 49,000 sq. ft., featuring three ballrooms and including 22 meeting rooms, Iberostar indoor facilities are intelligently-spread between the Lobby Level and the Mezzanine Level, creating easy access, convenient flow and privacy.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun

I am not exactly sure who has the 3rd largest space. I recently attended a conference at Hyatt Ziva and have to say that it went quite smoothly. The modern development has state of the art facilities for conferences, incentive trips or other types of events.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun features 16,000 sq. ft. of meeting, event and reception spaces with ballrooms that accomodate up to 400 guests. Our meeting spaces can be divided into 5 separate function rooms ensuring we suit all your needs. To provide even more flexibility we also provide 7 break out rooms. For an outdoor event our roof terrace accomodates up to 200 guests who can enjoy the ocean breeze and sweeping views of Punta Cancun. We have dedicated professional meeting and event specialists that will coordinate every detail with you.

Cancun Corporate Transportation

There are two main transportation companies that offer scheduled transportation, I would highly suggest either of them. Lomas Travel and Amstar. With these groups you can schedule transport from the airport as well as inter-city or excursions. They have a variety of cars from luxury, to bus, to general van. If you are a corporate trip planner setting up a trip, they can help coordinate all of the pickups and dropoffs and you can rest assured they will be there.

This post was meant to serve as a simple introduction to Cancun area business event travel. I am not aware of a specific MICE fam trip to the Cancun area but you can create your own educational trip starting with these three facilities. Cancun is the perfect location for a corporate retreat, incentive trip, board meeting, team building, or company education trip.

In addition to this article, please see our beginner guide to international destination corporate travel planning. We also have a post for Carribean event MICE planning.

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